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Born in New Delhi, India, Dr. Gaurav was brought up in a very easy going family. He worked his way to becoming a doctor and his avid love for children inspired him to take up pediatrics as a specialty. Having gathered his knowledge from internationally recognized bodies, for the past few years he has been managing the holistic Dr Nigam's Clinic. Rising on the pediatric horizon with immense vigour and selflessness, he has churned into a multi-dimensional professional.


The love of children has kept him towards his goal. to quote him “ they are tiny power packs, they charge you, when you meet them, play with them, even eat with them”. He never misses his OPD which he has set up with his Team , customising each and every aspect of it to help children to enjoy the set up and don’t feel scared. Here parents are not only told about the cure, but he makes sure that parents go with a preventive message as well. He makes sure that every parent is satisfied and the kid is treated in the best way possible. After gathering knowledge from institutes like HARVARD,MGIMS,NIMHANS and AIMS he got on to the track of healing people.

CEO & Founder

Dr. Gaurav Nigam has started an initiative called ICare - Redefining Childhood. Icare is an organization which is consistently working with different angles to improve the childhood to an extent where we can say that we have “redefined childhood”. We keep on innovating everyday, in fact every second. We are a group of professionals who are designing different ways to make a healthier and a happier childhood.


He also takes up the seat of directorship at the prestigious “Modern International School”, New Delhi,India. Under his guidance students are encouraged to think freely. He believes that early year in child’s life plays the vital role in over all-long term involvement. He is always promoting students to make innovative solutions and move towards more sustainable environments. Among some of his later work includes:ECO HUT-a place where children think. thats it. they just think. He believes that children has innate ability to think, but somehow we adults take it all away. And therefore he believes in letting them “THINK”.


he is the author of international bestseller “DEVIL INSIDE MY MIND”- a biopic on the darker shades of OCD life. He has recently been offered to make a movie based on his novel and he is still contemplating on it. It’s a story of winning.

Social Worker

His ideology is to be a better man every day. and thats all what god wants from us, if at all-just to be a good person. Keeping that in mind, He started with his NGO called Icare Noble. a child welfare organisation

i am not sure about reincarnation. I just want to do what i want to do in this life only.

Dr. Gaurav Nigam

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Green Pentagon Award


He is the current Chief Ambassador for “Green Pentagon”-A Prestigious award given to deserving institutions who are working towards greener planet.



I love Photography & of course Iphone too. – Dr. Gaurav Nigam

He forgets where he is when he composes an image: maybe if he pans the camera this way or that, or maybe if he gets closer or drops to his knees the image will work. Moving images have the benefit of time; stills must capture a whole world in an instant.

He loves photography so much that his collection has become a stock image by the name “World2lens”

Script Writer

Dr Nigam also loves to share knowledge which may give a life lesson or learning ability to people.

Some of his script has been used in the form of short movie as below:

Dr Gaurav Nigam - Script Writer


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